GoSafe has given an update on where it is and isn't currently enforcing the 20mph limit as drivers adjust to the new speed. A default 20mph limit was imposed last month on most roads in Wales that had been 30mph - triggering a major backlash.

There has been a softly, softly approach to enforcement on roads where the limit has changed. This has seen a greater focus on engagement with drivers.

Welsh Government had spoken of a three month window before enforcement stepped up which would have seen the new limits start to get enforced by GoSafe on December 17. North Wales Live asked GoSafe for an update this week.

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Officials said that enforcement was reintroduced on existing 20mph areas at the start of November - these were places that were 20mph prior to September 17.

When it comes to the enforcement of the new 20mph zones they are going to consider data and feedback before deciding where to place enforcement vans. This could include sites where there have been collisions or concerns over the impact of speeding.

They added that the roadside education side will continue right through 2024.

A spokesperson said: "Enforcement of 20mph limits was reintroduced at a small number of locations at the beginning of November. This was in existing 20mph enforcement locations where the speed limit did not change following the new legislation in September, and where the correct signage in place.

"We are working closely with Highways Authorities across Wales to ensure that our enforcement officers can continue returning to these existing 20mph locations. We will continue to consider new enforcement locations following collisions, or high-risk concerns, in a 20mph area.

"Roadside engagement sessions have been run by GoSafe, Welsh Fire and Rescue Services, and other partners, to help drivers adjust to the change. These sessions will continue throughout 2024 with dedicated teams working under GoSafe to deliver them under the name ‘Operation Ugain’."

What speed will see drivers hits with fines and points in 20mph zones.

GoSafe have previously stated the speed they will start prosecuting drivers for on 20mph roads will be 26mph while the "public get used to the change in default limit".

The full GoSafe statement said: "GoSafe apply the NPCC guidelines which outline the enforcement thresholds of not less than 10% plus 2mph. While the public get used to the change in default limit, Chief Police Officers have allowed us to increase this to 10% plus 4mph in 20mph only, meaning we start to prosecute at 26mph in a 20mph limit. We will continue to engage with the public and our partners to review the available data, ensuring that these thresholds remain appropriate for keeping our communities safe and supporting behavioural change in drivers."

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