It's no secret that I have a sweet tooth at home and there's nothing I enjoy more than a handful of biscuits to go with a cup of tea. I could be winding down for the night in front of the TV or simply just having a break in between work (don't all get jealous of my exciting life at once!).

If I had to choose a favourite biscuit it would be the humble bourbon. We've had these in the house ever since I was little and it has apparently always been my go-to biscuit of choice.

I wanted to make this my next taste test so after stocking up on supplies I compared which supermarket did the best job at this classic. This is what I thought...

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M&S & Asda:

65p at Asda for 300g // 35p at M&S for 100g

M&S' biscuits - or 'posh biscuits' as we call them - often come with an expectation of good quality that you don't mind paying a bit more for, but that wasn't my experience here. The smallest price gets you the smallest pack of biscuits known to man being more than half the size of other supermarkets.

Worse still, having only gotten about 12 dinky biscuits for my 35p, the first one I tried practically disintegrated when I dipped it into a cup of tea forcing me to fish its remains out with a spoon. I can't complain that, un-dunked, they were pretty nice but there are definitely bigger packs that will help treat your family or a little more than a few days before needing to top up the biscuit tin.

Asda's were about as nice but only after being dunked, otherwise the driest of the bunch. It may have just been a dud batch but mine had a little lack of filling which may have been the culprit behind that problem.

  • M&S Score: 4/10
  • Asda Score: 5/10
Most supermarkets do some variety of the Bourbon Cream
Most supermarkets do some variety of the Bourbon Cream

Tesco & McVities:

£1 (found at Asda) for 300g // 65p at Tesco for 300g

Tesco had a reasonably good biscuit that had lots of flavour both in the biscuits but also in the chocolate filling that was sandwiching them together. It also fared well after going for a dip in the obligatory cup of tea - becoming soft but also having enough strength to hold itself together.

Most supermarket do not stock this kind of biscuit sporting the McVities brand - I could only find them in Asda but have since noticed them in B&M for the same price. They were pretty tasty and to the high standard I'd expect from a brand like McVitie's but I probably wouldn't pick them up in the future when cheaper (and nicer) alternatives are available.

  • Tesco Score: 7/10
  • McVities Score: 8/10


75p at Asda for 300g

Morrisons Bourbon Cream is my winner
Morrisons Bourbon Cream is my winner

Morrisons scored pretty highly in my ranking of custard creams so its no surprise that these lovely little biscuits came in to the rankings with high expectations. They did not disappoint with a rich chocolate taste in each bite making it hard to stop topping up my bowl with a sneaky extra!

I'd be more than happy to spend the extra 10p - compared to other supermarket brands - and pick these up again on my weekly shop. The biscuits were distinctly more chocolaty than the others and held their own when dunked into a freshly poured cup of tea.

  • Morrisons Score: 9/10

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