Money man Martin Lewis has urged people to see if they're eligible to claim a £1,200 bonus from the Government through a bank account. Martin was back on ITV on Tuesday evening to offer his latest tips to the nation.

And he said that, when it came to the Help To Save account, the majority of people who had opened one had done so because of his show's advice. The account is for people on low incomes or Universal Credit benefits and in some cases people on Tax Credit can qualify as well.

Martin Lewis showed his viewers an interview with a woman, Natalie, who successfully signed up to a Help To Save bank account reports YorkshireLive. She said she was in a "working family" in receipt of Univeral Credit. She saved £50 a month and plans to continue to maximise the bonus.

She said: "If we're able to keep up with the full £50 a month after four years we'll get £2,400, and then from the Government we get £1,200, so in total we'll have £3,600."

The catch is that you need to be on Universal Credit or possibly Tax Credit and on a low income in order to qualify for the money. But if you are eligible, Martin said you should definitely claim it.

Martin told his viewers: "In Help to Save if you're eligible for it, you can put up to £50 a month in over two years. And then at the end you get 50% of the highest amount in. So you put £50 in a month for a year, you've got £600.

"You have a nightmare - this is all about financial resilience and getting some savings - your fridge is broken and you need it for the kids. You spend your £600 you can't afford to put more in. At the end of the two years, the highest amount you had in was £600, you get 50% of that, which is £300. And then whatever you've got in at that point they do it again for the next two years."

The Martin Lewis Money Show Live is available to rewatch via ITVX.