Polish vodka brand Żubrówka has announced the launch of the first-ever craft beer to feature famed Bison Grass, recognised for its unique and enigmatic taste, available exclusively in collaboration with craft beer subscription service Beer52.

Żubrówka, the world’s third-largest vodka brand, boasts a heritage spanning 500 years and is recognisable for the blade of bison grass in every bottle.

Now, Polish Bison Grass Wheat Craft Beer captures the long-standing appeal, aromatic qualities and flavour profile of the original vodka that comes from this celebrated and sought-after ingredient.

Brewed at 4.2% using the essence of bison grass, the beer is a celebration of the characterful bison grass ingredient, which offers a unique and aromatic taste unlike any other with notes of almond, vanilla, coconut, and lavender.

Zubrowka is named in tribute to the bison (“żubr” in Polish) that are fond of the sweet-tasting grass. Each blade of grass is hand-picked from the Białowieża forest in Poland, a world heritage site where Europe’s last remaining herds of wild bison roam free. Here, bison grass grows freely in the glades and following an intricate production process, then delivers an unmistakably pure and authentic taste, unlike any other, to the world-famous vodka and now wheat beer.

Chris Jones, managing director at Paragon Brands who distribute Żubrówka in the UK, noted that the new Żubrówka Bison Grass Wheat Beer combines the much loved, distinctive taste you’d expect from Żubrówka with Beer52’s brewing style.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a craft beer that is infused with 500 years of Polish tradition and spirit, saluting the rich heritage of the Żubrówka brand with an exciting new beer that is sure to appeal to vodka and beer lovers alike,” Jones said.

The Żubrówka Polish Bison Grass Beer will be featured in the December edition of Beer52’s subscription box. The beer will be featured alongside a range of products from Polish craft brewers, honouring Poland’s rich tradition of producing high-quality alcohol.