Calls have been made for Welsh artefacts held by the British Museum to be returned to Wales. Last week the British Museum announced that items from its collection were found to be "missing, stolen or damaged” and that an unnamed member of staff has been sacked.

Since then, it has emerged that some 2,000 artefacts worth millions of pounds have been stolen. Director Hartwig Fischer and deputy director Jonathan Williams both announced their decisions to step down on Friday, with a probe now underway.

In light of the scandal, Greece has claimed that the Parthenon Marbles are no longer safe at the museum, with the country upping its campaign for the statues to be returned to their homeland.

Similar calls are now coming from North Wales as Dwyfor Meirionnydd MP Liz Saville Roberts says artefacts such as the Mold gold cape, which dates back to 1900-1600 BCE, and the Moel Hebog Shield are no safer in London than they would be in Wales.

MS Liz Saville-Roberts said: "Close to 2,000 artefacts worth millions have been stolen from the British Museum. The argument that the Parthenon Marbles, the Mold Gold Cape or the Moel Hebog Shield are more secure in London no longer holds water.

"The Moel Hebog Shield is not even on display despite the treasure being over 3000 years old. The argument used by the British Museum is that it is the most secure location for them.

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"For Wales, for Greece and for many countries that were under the control of the British Empire, that argument has been severely undermined by this saga. It is high time we faced that the British Museum does not hold the right to these treasures and a grown up discussion is required about their repatriation."

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